Monday, April 21, 2008

Station 7

Touching the upright shaker screen makes it move back and forth. The pile of soil in it slowly disappears as grains fall out of the bottom of the screen.

Sometimes when touched, the sifter will tell the avatar that nothing was found:

Nothing in that bucket but some non-descript bits of ceramic.

That was a full bucket but it didn't have anything in it.
But there is also the chance to find some objects in the buckets of soil. When that happens, dirt is said to get all over the avatar:
Aha! A whole pot and some nice pieces of iron! But you rest the pot on your lap and get dirt all over your jeans.

That bucket had a lot of artifacts in it! But you got more dirt on your shirt than in the Sifter!

You found a good deal of artifacts, but now you have dirty hands!

Whoops! You drop half of the bucket on your feet and get dirt all over your shoes!
If the avatar sticks at it long enough, they will have a full new outfit of excavation clothes (pants, shirt, shoes, and hands).

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