Monday, April 21, 2008

Stations 9 and 10

Station 9 is dedicated to Ecofacts. It is a reconstruction of a closed-system archaeological flotation tank. Touching it causes red arrows to appear and whisper the way the system works:

First, water is forced into the tank, agitating the water.

Second, the moving water forces the heavy soil to sink and the light ecofacts to float. The archaeologist uses hands to skim the ecofacts down a chute.

Third, a screen catches ecofacts as they come down the chute, with the excess water collected in a tub.

Fourth, a pump recycles the water back into the tank, closing the system.

Finally, the archaeologist can sort through the ecofacts and get information about ancient diet, environment, and other issues.
Station 10 is a brief exploration of archaeological ethics, highlighting the difference between archaeology and treasure hunting, the question of ownership, and timely publishing of data. Touching the sign gives the avatar a special 'Spirit of Archaeology' statuette.

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